1. ABOUT Hanoijourney.com

– Ensure all services are in accordance with the program.

– All information collected from customers is provided for the tour operator, group insurance, temporary resident registration at the accommodation establishments and requirements at the point of visit.

– Personal information about the customer kept by the company (tax reporting documents, travel business results)

– Customers have the right to request the company to change personal information to update and serve the service of Hanoijourney.com later.

– Commitment to confidentiality of customer information

– Disseminate all information and regulations when traveling before departure


– Make sure the registration information is correct, when there is a change of information must directly contact Hanoijourney.com is updated. We are not responsible for inaccurate customer information (voluntary disclosure).

– Bring full of travel documents such as ID, passport, birth certificate (for children), wedding certificate (for customers purchasing only hotel services). As for overseas Vietnamese when using Passport or Green Card, they must bring with them Visa and Paper for re-import.

– In the event of a client bringing children under the age of 15 (not their children) with them, a copy of their Parental Power of Attorney must be provided, certified by the local authorities.

– Pay full on time.

– During the travel, customers must follow the program, not to separate the delegation. If you require a change, please notify the tour guide or representative of Hanoijourney.com

3. Travel Hanoijourney.com reserves the right to change the itinerary or cancel a trip at any time that we deem necessary for the convenience or safety of our guests. (safety factor for customers always top priority when Hanoijourney.com decided to change the route)

4. In the course of implementation, if disputes occur, they shall be settled on the basis of negotiation between the two parties. If the negotiation fails, the case will be brought to the court in accordance with the current law. All costs involved will be borne by the losing party.